Envision Chopin

I just like this specific performance a lot.

Hills in the fire

This is what happens if you have one more “s” Than Yusef Lateef.
You become Yussef Dayes.

Let’s shimmy a bit

Multi Igor

When the manuscript meets it self. So good, almost like all keys at once.

Take this

Sure we all know “Take five”, but this Dave Brubeck’s live performance sound way beyond his time signature speaking of all of them four.

Piano Tiger

Speaking of AK-47 cadence this not far from it, though more sophisticated and sure way more peaceful.

Cécile McLorin Salvant, Sullivan Fortner

Hitting this repeatedly on purpose, what a beautiful voice, the chords are killing me too.

Delved in the moment

..runs like a thick glaze down the bisquit, colourful and prolific