Self tuning piano, what a genius!

The piano instability hunts me for a decades and while I made my own tuning mechanic that is way more stable than the traditional pins, this is topmost in every way.

Hanging fruits

..nice colors in multiple ways


nice ride

WTH, What a voice!

She sounds like thrice better and thrice younger for what I had expected.


Óskar, Ómar, Tómas, Magnús. Iceland.

Germans would say, “exquisit”

Bit of stolen influence there. First time it felt familiar and I did not know why. The Trombone is quite exquisit. The tortured electric guitar with the high league voice adds up. Brazil rhythms I usually hate so much fitting like advert on bread in S&S mix . After bit more listening I know now why this sound so familiar.. because of OZW

I’ve got cymbals who’s more?

Universal beings