We want anything form you for free, even the donation. If you donate you get a awesome T-shirt from us.

You can buy this T-shirt on the on-line Private (If the shop has not the right size for you, Let us know will sort it out) or email us and we will be back to you as soon as possible (contact page).
If you are one of the artist who has music on the radio already, either willingly or accidentally, you get half price.

The common donation is 20$ (per Tshirt). Musicians has it for 10$, isn’t it brilliant, pay 10$ less when you do just what you like? I Think so.

Donate and get T-shirt$20 (US)

250 (CZK)

Do you have music in here & want T-shirt?Let me know first.

Here you are beautiful Tshirt right for you: