That’s puzzle

First something off topic. The radio has 6 new speakers :O Yep, 6! We do not have a use for them all now, but it doesn’t take us long time to figure out what to do with them. Big thanks belongs to Silver who gave them to us just like that. Thanks again.

Now, couple words about the Saturday night(as you can see I post totally randomly) the last group who played was Transport Puzzle. “TeePee” plays minimalistic ambient with Saturday nocturne like colors. Longly evolving sort of lullaby, ideal for the last performance on moo-cow.
Don’t wary, this is not the last post with samples form moo-cow, more are on the way soon.

transport puzzle

First after tones of mooo-co..

Chodska juntaThough everybody on the moo-cow liked what the saw and heard I should admit it took me a time and I’m not still sure if I went over it all.

All the performances were recorded, both music and the visual stuff. So for those who were lazy to step out of their cozy rooms in to the void I’m bringing the solution . The solution how to extend their bellies and widened their parameter step further. Who knows if everyday, but say everyday since today I’ll post here record of one of the performers on moo-cow.

First in a raw is the “Chodska junta” with their prodigious singer. Her word cadence can be comparable to AK – 47, a deadly weapon. This punky sound reminds me of “Muzeny”, the same sound of the keyboard and young girl voices. But. This is not that porny as their counterparts, it’s more say poetic with grate prose behind.

Here they are:



Miszu Speaking of Miszu‘s sound concepts and visual ones he can be described as a minimalist. This cannot be said about his technological solutions. He is one of those who like to have everything with “low level control” which requires hours and hours of staring in to a monitor plus hours and hours ironing and coding.
The spent time seams to be one of the basic element of all work of his. Whether it is coding or monotonic work such as scraping a sheet of metal by screw driver or practising on acoustic guitar.

This time on moo-cow Mischu will perform is toque flamenco fired by a super duper what ever looper he is coding now.
This gona be melancholic, fast and contemporary with deep classical roots.

Michal Cabowitz

Michal Cabowitz

A busy man lately. He is one of the super active alternative musicians on the Czech podium.
Again, he is a visual artist who participates on many sound events in Prague gallery Skolska 28 a successor of the old Jeleni lab.
As it goes for  visually thinking people he programs in Pure Data, vvvv and all that Open Source things ;)

His music is a process of evolution of a simple input transposed (mostly) in to a colorful noise, with visual feedback. This is a questionable issue. Sometimes the sound grows up simply out of the build for toys and the picture is a consequence of the gig. And sometimes the music is a result of the picture shaping turned in to a music parallel.
I’m sorry for he is so humble so not to make any propitiate summarized presentation, so I cannot give you a link :( But it could be a grate impulse to rise your ass up and meet us on moo-cow.

moo-cow, photos of the space before anything happens

top view A concert in cow-house, bleeeeee…
If you have that feeling check out our photos token from the building where the moo-cow festival will take place. All photos are in photo gallery.

Head in body

This month or two will be most likely full of moo-cow news.

head-in-bodyOne of the them is that Head in Body excepted the invitation :D Which makes me soooo happyyy.
Head in body are group of two, with super touchy minimal but still full of interesting tone music. The super affected body movements expresses their music as accurate as the stillness of the other part of the group sitting in the corner looking for the right time when to bounce on something. All will be clear when the hit will cut the air of the cow house on the end of summer.

I have one more news already, but I’ll keep it for the next time, so to stretch the delight of receiving a gift.