Beats Unraveled

SoOOoo damn good!

CZ/SK Mix vol. II by Jara Tarnovski

Nice cut thru the Czechoslovakian contemporary sound experi-bands,
Listen to the deep awesomeness of the non-melodical mostly psycho sound collages.

Classics in contemporary suit

The rest is noise

This book is tremendous, super heavy to read, especially for people who do not like dates and names that are coming and growing and you got lost after while but still… This book walks you through the big part of musical history and gives you many names .. actually .. you ca search then on youtube where ever and actually enjoy what you have never enjoyed before because you never understood it as you do once you read about it. It is really grate pile of valuable informations, it really puts me into things I never thought I would enjoy and I actually do now, so thumbs up.

The rest is noise
by: Alex Ross

A Matter Of Time

Rhythm, groove, scale, grid all these rather mathematical structures are somehow deeply human-like and animate us to wilderness.
This tiny book, written by John Lamb is a nice entry to the topic of rhythm and so called “entertainment”. Entertainment in this case doesn’t represent goofy movies but a sympathetic adjustment of things and human feelings and behaviors.
The book is enriched by many links to movies and some external reading helping us to understand the topic.
I would not say the book is excellent but it points to certain things that are worth of our time.

A Matter Of Time
by: John Lamb

Sound in Z

Although the “Z” is still bit mystery to me the book is a wonderful enterprise to the early russian inventions their inventors and its political background that gives and stills their energy.
I have been reading this book while constantly shaking head not believing they could do what they had done. All the inventions they made in that time is just fascinating. If you count the political environment it all happened it is completely unbeliveable.
Sound recorded through light sensors, speech detections via window vibrations, picture transformation in to the music.. all things you might see in the recent art is all there, but century ago..

Must read it!

Sound in Z
by: Andrei Smirnov

Rhytm science

..I was looking for book related to rhytm, grooves and such.
Unfortunately the book is just a selfish egoistic crap full of contemporary words lacking any real meaning. The only thing you can get out of this book is a text trying portray how is DJ Spooky cool flying from place to place having money and how wise he is while mixing stuff on stage.

This overpriced junk is not worthy any penny. Buy some mp3 instead!

Rhytm science
by: Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid


I’m totally fond of scientific approach to music especially when it is related with common brain functions and body nervous system.
Musicophilia is a grate marriage of the two in easily reading whole. Oliver shows on many examples how the music changes live of those who have some dysfunctions and in other situations how is the music deeply interconnected with us despite some other serious dysfunctions. This book is really a piece that cannot be missing in bookshelf of anyone who loves music and want to know why we cannot be without it.
I’m really that I have read it and I’ll surely come back to it when I need some valuable information on this topic.

by: Oliver sacks