Try your spacial sense

I had a feeling like the noisy parts are too prevalent.
I switched to primary monitors.. and, nope, everything is all right ;)
Try it your self.


Time for live. Lets take this to live once more again..


I guess I have to study this more. It surely helps me to tune the piano much better. ..

The server is down but more resources are all over

Although the Server is not under my might anymore, the stream is bye bye .. but there is lot more going on.
Not only the server is a past but my love to noise vanished. It would be silly to listen to noise the whole life, One has to get mature at some point.
The next thing is Jazz.
And so lets learn some basics

Massive collection of recordings on-line

What an awesome colletion of recordings..


Beats Unraveled

SoOOoo damn good!

CZ/SK Mix vol. II by Jara Tarnovski

Nice cut thru the Czechoslovakian contemporary sound experi-bands,
Listen to the deep awesomeness of the non-melodical mostly psycho sound collages.