Maggot brain

I kinda forgot about this one for a moment…


good wwwwibe, good party stuff

Terrific selection

I was like..”This is great, what is it.. This is great what..”
I should check each of them throughly ..


Awesome talk about the intruments their blends and transpositions

Selected Flakes

First I was like – is this some kind of Clipping side project? Most likely not.. but it has good vibe anyway.. the voice….

Rite of spring

Not that I hear it coming, not this way these days. One needs to go thru it step by step note by note to appreciate the inner beauty and the subtle nuances he connects its parts together. Right I’m enjoy its harmonic blends. Simply work of utmost complexity and beauty, indeed.


A nicely relaxed session. Check Chicks youtube channel too, and read his book, also really light, readable and to the point.

Envision Chopin

I just like this specific performance a lot.