This gonna be after The Bad + another contemporary jazz records of these days. Kendrick Scott Oracle sounds jazzt soo sweet.
Sure it’s hard to compare Kendrick with Dave King. Dave with his frenetics and electrifying style is a totally different animal but Kendrick on the other hand brings delicate details that really tastes like contemporary cake. His playful use of electronics in drumming or alternative drum setups makes me stand out of chair in wonder.. “this is not possible” and sure it is not, but with a drum setup he has, it is. I also like the way how the albums are mixed. You feel it is about drums but without pressure, I like that delicacy.
I’m happy to have them in city soon.

Couple weeks later:
Man! It was so delicious!

Festival Spectaculare: Jon Hopkins

Small shoutout.. not that anybody will read that anyway.
Jon Hopkins in Prague, Nice! Forum Karlin one of the good sounding spaces in Prague.
(Just to let you know. I’have been there since the first tones and left after the Hopkins piece, staying the whole time right in front of the mix.)

So I heard these:
21:00 – DJ Not Tonight
21:40 – Bratři
22:15 – DJ Not Tonight
23:00 – Indian Wells
00:00 – DJ Josef Sedlon
01:00 – Jon Hopkins
02:30 – DJ Slater

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Piano obsession

It is nice to see somebody obsessed by the piano sound and the beast it self.. I’ll put more of those “online” soon but for now I suggest you to check out the Pianobook.co.uk. Just few videos now, but still a lot of interesting stuff to listen and learn.

Something for your brain

Remote operator is back

The famous Shirley&Spinoza had some brake.. but it’s back!

The Newsounds . org

Might seems weird to advertise “another” “radio”, but its all about the sound right?
The newsounds.org is my favorite radio now, it features classical music hit by electronics. It’s definitely worth to tune for several days.. there are lot of repeating shows which is bit itchy otherwise I love it.

Saturn Archives 土星のアーカイブ

Another great selection. Saturn archives

cover from: Hiroshi Yoshimura (吉村弘) – Soft Wave For Automatic Music Box (early works 1973-76)


Nice set.. really nice.. enjoy