The server is down but more resources are all over

Although the Server is not under my might anymore, the stream is bye bye .. but there is lot more going on.
Not only the server is a past but my love to noise vanished. It would be silly to listen to noise the whole life, One has to get mature at some point.
The next thing is Jazz.
And so lets learn some basics


Massive collection of recordings on-line

What an awesome colletion of recordings..




Beats Unraveled

SoOOoo damn good!


CZ/SK Mix vol. II by Jara Tarnovski

Nice cut thru the Czechoslovakian contemporary sound experi-bands,
Listen to the deep awesomeness of the non-melodical mostly psycho sound collages.


Classics in contemporary suit


The rest is noise

This book is tremendous, super heavy to read, especially for people who do not like dates and names that are coming and growing and you got lost after while but still… This book walks you through the big part of musical history and gives you many names .. actually .. you ca search then on youtube where ever and actually enjoy what you have never enjoyed before because you never understood it as you do once you read about it. It is really grate pile of valuable informations, it really puts me into things I never thought I would enjoy and I actually do now, so thumbs up.

The rest is noise
by: Alex Ross


A Matter Of Time

Rhythm, groove, scale, grid all these rather mathematical structures are somehow deeply human-like and animate us to wilderness.
This tiny book, written by John Lamb is a nice entry to the topic of rhythm and so called “entertainment”. Entertainment in this case doesn’t represent goofy movies but a sympathetic adjustment of things and human feelings and behaviors.
The book is enriched by many links to movies and some external reading helping us to understand the topic.
I would not say the book is excellent but it points to certain things that are worth of our time.

A Matter Of Time
by: John Lamb