Bit of the Czech scene

The history is going in the circle over and over again.

Once you go left, then right, then left then right, this time left.
I’m not saying left is wrong way, but this time DPRDL PDČ again FCK KSČ.


The rest is noise

I dropped acidentaly in the book store where I found a pretty thick and heavy book “The rest is noise“. It took some time till I pick the book in my heand turn aside a bike for a while and started to read. I must say, it is interesting to go through the sound history the way the book offers.. though it is hard to .. impossible to “visualize” the sound that you read about.. still it has a big inpact on the way I started to think of sound and listen to it.

Those who don’t want to wait till the book arrives, check the sound patterns on Alexe’s site

Setmake se #7, #8

This is rather quick invitation with small add in the form of the in field record from the Setkamese #7 Dance-Music  Improvisation in Prague.

Here is a record of the first performace out of 4 “solos”

29.5.2012 – 20:15
1 session (music / dance): 2046, Víťa Halška / Einat Ganz

If you want to see the next live show…you should be quick!
It is today, 8PM, studio KREUS, Pernerova 412/6, Prague 8 – Karlín

Kyklos Galaktikos: “Axis of the good”

Another bunch of weirdos, The Kyklos Galaktikos. This group is a theatre-gallery based group who spend most of their time under the stage light or radiated by latest and biggest apple monitors. Personally I like the first song the most (for now). It is made out of famous serial “Navštěvníci”. The intro of that serial I just a perfect personification of the future. And so Kyklos Galaktikos has the futuristic message.

Those who wanna know more about this group check their site, it is full of interesting stuff, mainly the stuff from their performances….meanwhile, listen to our online stream the Axis of good is running through its veins.

… One thing I have to pointed out, is that I do not like how the sound like if they just fall of the ROXOR ass.

01.kyklos galaktikos 2011


The time is hard. The whole Internet is going to strike against half educated individuals who think the technology can overcome technology..what a fairytale.
Dreams of the freedom we dream is in danger. The Dreamkiller has rissen out of White house http://monkeyontheorb.orb/wp-content/uploads/HEAD_IN_BODY-Dreamkiller.mp3

Something new again

..ages, ages, ages, I know, It has been ages since I have posted something new in here.

This time will touch a bunch of unknown musicians like Tapeworm Collective, Three forks, Jalikebba & the Toubabs, Ajujatronik and hand full of home recordings.
Check them out, they all share music as free as the smell of tobacco, so you pay nada to Itunes or any store.
Make a tee and listen.

..if you feel like you know it from somewhere, I bet you know it form S&S

Floex – Zorya

Hello my cute friends.
One of our friends Floex has posted free single from his new long time hoped album named Zorya.
First I thought it’ll be different this time but not, this all Floex again, you can’t be wrong when you hear it.
Those who likes melancholic tones slowly graduating in to the hearth braking tempo will be more then satisfied.

It’s funny how long such a music can take when you take it seriously as Floex does, but finally what differs the masterpiece from the average is the enormoust time investment when you felt couple years back is done already.
I wish I would be that rock-ribbed as him to be able to focus on music as he does.

I wont post the music here go to his website and download it from there….if you won’t find it there don’t wary it circulates on the stream already.

Stolen & found

Though this time some clever weirdo figure it out how to stole us equipment the fest was hot and cool.

3 days of art wasn’t that hard to handle as I thought it would be. Jakub Geltner hooked up dozens of satellites on the church so we can bypass the homesick.. Milos Vojtechovsky made some field enhancements, some girl draws soccer filed line around the church to decoy more people to come. We spit some seeds around in order to make bit of harvest for the next year, we listened bunch of clever speeches during a day.

During the nigh you could see ne I playing on church corpus. They hooked up cables in to their tent outside of the church, plus they enhanced the church by all the speakers they had and started buzzing. Some people said it sounded like A. Hilter’s speech, some almost vomit, but most of them were delighted.

We had few projections in the church. Beamers mapped on the walls and poles. The best sound-visual combination comes from the Opuka repertoire. It was cool, smooth and unbelievably colorful with its on tuned unique style. Martin Janicek & Petr Ferenc performed their classic industrial gig. We had there a dancers dancing Butoh like theatre piece, post-modern robotic dance cacophony performed by project ARTHUR accompanied by the hum made by ne I. Michal Cabowitz, the wizard played the noise through quadro sound setup and transformed it to our big surprise in to the chill out session. We even heard the voices from the tomb.

The bar served all the veggie and non veggie food well, the fire place produced nice warm back-end and we smelled like hell.
All that and more on Chapel Libechov.

Michal Cabowitz, his first few tones: