Funk Fractions

Searching through the fonts and logos a have found Funk Fractions.

The first thing that pinch me in the eye was their beautiful cover, then I found the music chunks they belong to it and I like it too. That’s why I share them with yoo.

L’ocelle Mare

Finally, the video from the L’ocelle Mare project by Thomas Bonvalet is online!
Check it out, it’s nicely done, on

Culture killer

The “Kulturní pecka” free-mag published an interview about the our moo-cow festival and even more.
They put the direct link on our stream on their website! Cool right?

Give them stroke, it’s free and to be found in the streets of Prague.

moo-cow – videoreport

Up and running

What else to say. The streaming server is ready.

Server brake

Don’t panic1

The streaming server will by down for another say 2 or 4 days. Nothing serious.

ne I – a new album again

Again, ne I, how boring. Couldn’t they come with something else then new album every weekend? Who the hell is capable to listen it all?

Thomas Bonvalet club Final Prague

Prague, the winter already present.
Club Final presented couple grate bands, but that time I didn’t know their scale. Among others(CORE OF THE COALMAN, NO PAVAROTTI) you could see there Thomas Bonvalet(L’OCELLE MARE) The music performer showing his human personification trough his own body, Banjo, harmonic metal sheets and all the rubbish you have no idea what he cares for.

When you see him, you are sure this guy lives his life in his head and you rather don’t step in his way.
Totally focused like the air-fighter, but surrounded by “rubbish”.
The rest is not transmittable by words. That’s only him and nothing more.

Luckily we got the courage and were able to step out off our amazement and made an interview. Here you are a speech of the human instrument.
(the video recording will be ready soon on, once it’ll be there I let you know for sure.)