Vrcení a rachoceni

Korea. 21 century. Touch screens all over and the hobby motors are still IN.

Second contribution from the progressive gallery Skolska 28 is here.
Ryu Hankil is a sound artist who enjoys to develop a single idea way behind it’s borders. It reminds “us”(as we spoke about it with Erik) the Asian style of minimal stroke in one particular filed alike the progress in ceramic. They take one thing seriously from the beginning till the final breath. This way the are able to develop tiny, mini, pidi improvements who all in common make the final piece of art.
Sounds over poetic then it actually is (I think) but that’s our feeling regardless what I think of the importance of such music in our global contemporary “Hobby art age”.



First from the small series of sound bits from gallery Skolska 28 begins with the KRK recording.
Two easy going people George Cremaschi & Matthew Ostrowski played their Live show. One on bass and cables whilst the other on the cables and the air.
Although Matthew checks his brain at the door and George feels bit slower then computer they found a way how to communicate and so the music sounds….Is the key the mixer they use? Hmm, I forgot to check the brand ;)
Here are the bits. Open them in *.txt editor, or image processing program, or any program you like. As a first step try this embedded player.


If that doesn’t feeds you enough, you might like this video.

Italian commons

Once upon a time about the fortune year 2009 the south of the land of boot shape I took a handy and  switched on the button.

I sacrificed my self all for you my friends. Italian aboriginal music is here.


It’s really fucking bad

It’s really fucking bad
yesterday night at Školska my cellphone switched off for few minutes, then I switched it on, but forgot to repair the time and date

so today morning my bell is ringing at 8 – outside the window: totally dark, but I said to myself – OK, it’s dark, but it’s normal in the winter, maybe this winter is getting darker and darker
so I went to work, all people in the tram were so quiet!!! I said to myself “OK people are so quiet because the winter is getting darker and darker”

but the clock at the metro station were saying it’s 6.40… and that’s why I am fucking here
after 4 hours of sleep
have a nice day


Ötödik kolónus

Check out these sexy slavic chicks singing their Anthem. ..Wonder if you find any inconsistency ;)

Dan Deacon, Baltimas

Again, again, this Santa rules! Lovely Mp3s and more on our stream or Yourtube or on Dan’s site or in your town if you’r supper lucky :D

Funk Fractions

Searching through the fonts and logos a have found Funk Fractions.

The first thing that pinch me in the eye was their beautiful cover, then I found the music chunks they belong to it and I like it too. That’s why I share them with yoo.

L’ocelle Mare

Finally, the video from the L’ocelle Mare project by Thomas Bonvalet is online!
Check it out, it’s nicely done, on Artycok.tv.