Dog translucent

Dog translucent

Here is another brief introduction of next performer called Dog translucent.
This dog is well known although if you call him by this new Nick of his he won’t reply, coz he is not used to it in any way, This guy is well known in Czech, Slovak visual art community, and some people know him also in San Francisco where he stayed couple times and some people might know him also in NY, though I’m not hundred percent positive about this.

He is mostly not well shaved, wears kinda weird garderobe and ride a bike recently. You can see him from time to time in Technical Library in Prague and sometimes walking from gallery to gallery looking for a new price to win ;) His music is sort of conceptual improvisation he took from his visual artistic study.
Because he want to stay translucent for this time I won’t certainly tell you more. Luckily he wears his outlandish clothes so you’ll see him play there although you wont see his face naturally…. what makes him ideal for this event is his attitude to join for a piece of improvisation anybody, anytime.


moo-cow, photos of the space before anything happens

top view A concert in cow-house, bleeeeee…
If you have that feeling check out our photos token from the building where the moo-cow festival will take place. All photos are in photo gallery.


on the air

Hello, all music eager.
The radio stream is up again :) Welcome in a new world of dry hard drives.


Streaming server flooded

I’m sorry guys but we are under the heavy rain and so our server is. The server is unfortunately located under the ground of nice but wrongly designed building so the water penetrates in from time to time, and that’s the actual case.

Don’t wary as you can see page is still up, only the stream will be off for a while.


Surprise, Pamelia Kurstin on Theremin

Pamelia Kurstin

Here is the surprise. It might not surprise you but I’m ;)
I have thought of it for long long time, and wasn’t able to figure it out on which occasion to invite her. Now the right event is here, and guess what? Pamelia even agreed to come and play for us.

Those who do not read thes page regularily might not know who she is.

It’s easy. Pamelia Kurstin is the world best Theremin player ever.
She is well classical music educated so she can play even the classical gigs ..”Wowww” .. “don’t interrupt me“, she plays the most sad and touchy tones you cannot even imagine if you don’t have the experience sitting in front of her in place filled up be vibration so the whole room is fueled with thick heavy air so you can hardly breathe and your eyes are near to cry.

Here are few links so you might check out what the hell I’m rhapsodizing here.

Pamelia’s myspace
and simple search result on youtube.


Head in body

This month or two will be most likely full of moo-cow news.

head-in-bodyOne of the them is that Head in Body excepted the invitation :D Which makes me soooo happyyy.
Head in body are group of two, with super touchy minimal but still full of interesting tone music. The super affected body movements expresses their music as accurate as the stillness of the other part of the group sitting in the corner looking for the right time when to bounce on something. All will be clear when the hit will cut the air of the cow house on the end of summer.

I have one more news already, but I’ll keep it for the next time, so to stretch the delight of receiving a gift.



moo-cow-002Everything seems to go the right way. moo-cow is getting more and more performers.
for more info check out it’s growing page http://monkeyontheorb.org/moo-cow


moo-cow – summer noise festival

moo-cowMonkey on the orb with Petr Hájek would like to invite you to a shiny music event moo-cow.

This event is in the phase of planing, the schedule is is open, and so are we.
If you feel you want to play in front of people and are open to uncommon musical conjunctions then let us know will be happy to hear what you do, no matter what style you have or not.
> map of the location <

Here is a list of  people who we would like to invite(musicians and artists generally):


on the way

jauf, Guma Guar, Jesus táhne na berlín, Muženy, Cabowitc,b acha de mental, radim radim , rbnx , Lubozvucne Konvalinky, Head in body, Pamelia Kurstin, theclosing, bara matya, Federsel, table, rootkit , marcela vorlickova, Marie – Theremin, materidouska , I LOVE 69 POPGEJU, mariuskonvoj, voiceovernoise, Micenko, over4tea, Graeme Mckinnon, miki ritchtein, joeb, ales cermak



    on the way

    Jakub nepras, Pebe, miszu, Valka