KLaNGundKRaCH news

It is hard to say anything about the KLaNGundKRaCH once I can type here only.
The core truth s that KLaNGundKRaCH is beating hard all the Prague and other spaces whee you can scream out of your gut without restraint until the sun pins its first rays through the window hole.
 new tapes by
MOONCUP ACCIDENT – Litany of Hole http://bloodintheboat.bandcamp.com/album/litany-of-hole
RUiNU/KLAPPER – split (launch on 7th)
PATRIK PELIKAN – Drift https://soundcloud.com/klangundkrach/patrik-pelikan-drift-side-a-1
NO PAVAROTTI/KK Kollektiv – split http://nopavarotti.bandcamp.com/album/sea-cow-blues-one-legged-fun
back in stock
NONHROSE – Heliocentric Worlds http://www.discogs.com/Nonhorse-Heliocentric-Worlds/release/3834496