Festival Spectaculare: Jon Hopkins

Small shoutout.. not that anybody will read that anyway.
Jon Hopkins in Prague, Nice! Forum Karlin one of the good sounding spaces in Prague.
(Just to let you know. I’have been there since the first tones and left after the Hopkins piece, staying the whole time right in front of the mix.)

So I heard these:
21:00 – DJ Not Tonight
21:40 – Bratři
22:15 – DJ Not Tonight
23:00 – Indian Wells
00:00 – DJ Josef Sedlon
01:00 – Jon Hopkins
02:30 – DJ Slater

I like the visuals. although it was bit lame to repeat stuff they screened on the beginning, anyway that doesn’t hurt that much.

Bratří sounded good with surprisingly pretty well suited sound setup.
Nothing else really spoke to me. Even worst, there were some horrid performances.
DJ Sedlon is insane shit.. unlivable crap. I cold not stand it. Every idiot can turn the filter up and down and play readymade presets, really bad.. the violin did not help much, It was hardly present anyway.

But the worst part came with the main star.
I don’t know who the hell did the sound but that guy must be completely mad or never heard Hopkins music.
The Hopkins beautiful details were washed away be steady punch over the whole show, no colors nothing, just the most common punch the whole show. The song melodies were unrecognizable. The bass went that strong though not physically strong as it could be that it covered all the details and left only a foggy voices in background. Completely washed away. Even Hopkins him self went out of sync couple times in so much that I thought if it is not done by purpose. Unfortunately not, nothing new here, nothing good here.

Really horrid, I haven’t heard such a bad concert for long time…