MIKI-DISCJOCKEYMiki a night bird. Flying through city atmosphere passing lights with eye half closed, so you see the light gloving with small sparkles that flows down on a surface of your eyeball. The osteoplastic metal warmed up on the equal temperature as your lips are, cooled by the light blows of from the open car window. A flashback of your past childhood times where everything was covered by the second-hand-bazzar colors from the AKA London sale-outs, with workers all in blue starting to wear orange helmet by the European upcoming rules.

Remember the music of that days? Do you like what you did like now as you did before? Hate 90’s or the worst 80’s?
No matter what the answer is Miki likes it. And will remind us this parent music, colored by the reflective spray colors circling clockwise on two decks caring vinyl caps. Where? On moo-cow, indeed.