Dog translucent

Dog translucent

Here is another brief introduction of next performer called Dog translucent.
This dog is well known although if you call him by this new Nick of his he won’t reply, coz he is not used to it in any way, This guy is well known in Czech, Slovak visual art community, and some people know him also in San Francisco where he stayed couple times and some people might know him also in NY, though I’m not hundred percent positive about this.

He is mostly not well shaved, wears kinda weird garderobe and ride a bike recently. You can see him from time to time in Technical Library in Prague and sometimes walking from gallery to gallery looking for a new price to win ;) His music is sort of conceptual improvisation he took from his visual artistic study.
Because he want to stay translucent for this time I won’t certainly tell you more. Luckily he wears his outlandish clothes so you’ll see him play there although you wont see his face naturally…. what makes him ideal for this event is his attitude to join for a piece of improvisation anybody, anytime.

RadimRadim the audible picture

http://shivers.o— (1:36:18;92MB)

Once upon a time there was a picture. A few seconds later it falls with bang. This was the beginning of the animation, luckily token by God on handy-cam. We don’t know what was before because even before there was no sound to describe the space surrounding the picture. Form that time, the picture and the sound are indissolublebrothers without any of them the story is not complete anymore. The interview with Radim Rabuda.