Hills in the fire

This is what happens if you have one more “s” Than Yusef Lateef.
You become Yussef Dayes.

Let’s shimmy a bit

Multi Igor

When the manuscript meets it self. So good, almost like all keys at once.

Piano Tiger

Speaking of AK-47 cadence this not far from it, though more sophisticated and sure way more peaceful.

Cécile McLorin Salvant, Sullivan Fortner

Hitting this repeatedly on purpose, what a beautiful voice, the chords are killing me too.


Nice set.. really nice.. enjoy

Try your spacial sense

I had a feeling like the noisy parts are too prevalent.
I switched to primary monitors.. and, nope, everything is all right ;)
Try it your self.


I guess I have to study this more. It surely helps me to tune the piano much better. ..http://ruipenha.pt/beatings/