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Milky way

milka-starI think it’s pity that none of you know our most famous star who is vastly spread in many songs here on this radio. She is small in size but she shines already as none of us in her age could even imagined, ..btw. that’s same with her ;)

Milka is one of the grate source of inspiration mainly for ne I group, but soon she will come up with her own debut.

You can taste it here or listen more on the stream.

New stuff


two-starsDva” means “Two“. Why two? Because they are actually two multi renaissance artists. The first one is a feminine like woman with multiple instruments behind her back which she switches like other girls socks do. The second star is a nice low-high-tech geek looping anything they both do and more.
They are both stars big enought already so I do not have to write much about them here. Just listen or check their website maybe you’ll find them play in your city soon.

New stuff

minimal combination with maximum noise

flex60bThose who sometimes click on Play button and right after the audio player gets the first unbearable hight tones or illusive silence fulfilled with this time super low tones could thing this radio won’t work, or it’s worthless to tune, But they are wrong indeed.

These feelings are base on common radio experience, BUT this is not like any other common radio and so Milan Gustar is the best example  of an artist who mind nothing of ordinary listener less do I.
This time he is coming with new pieces of his Flex collection,

here is rough sketch what is it about:
Flex is a cycle of electro compositions.
It has been born in 1999, since then it tries to map sound possibilities and combinations of basic tones and noises. The common element is variability of tones and their parameters, such as tone level, tempo, sound color etc. One of the integral part of such a project is graphical output. Graphical scores are based on the particular sound structure or else the graphic model, or patter is the ground for the upcoming music, kind of sonification.

From my nut’s view it sounds like a ear wash. When the sound resonate with the room you sit in, it gets deep in your head where the sound stays and it warms up your ears inside out not giving them any chance to relax out of the constant vibration.
You have to be sort of nut as I’m to be able to listen such a destructive serenity.

New stuff

new czech hymn

concrete-czechSeams like today is the D day. So many news, after while I’ll not do anything else then this radio, Coool, I looking forward to it.

Lets come to the point. We have a new hymn. It’s based on the common shared feeling and it’s absolutely concrete free. If you are bored to wait for it online, try it online :D on YouTubE. The super genial author of this national piece is Libá Záda.

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everyday is exactly the same

everydayThis is something I sing everyday. Doesn’t matter much much is true, it’s true. The only way how to get out of this boredom is to sing.

If you are anywhere on bus stop, metro station, in the car or under, what you can do always is to sing. sing with me “Everyday is exactly the same….”

I’m pretty sure if you listen the stream you will recognize this song :D

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Open source, Open mind

one-of-his-eyes-resembled-that-of-a-vultureFunny how this open source world works naturally.

Searching for all the bits of packages and solutions for my ongoing project of a small lappy with Linux on it, that I want to use as a “cheap” effect machine I have found two guys who wanted to do the same. One guy posted his whole settings for all of us who tries to suffer same way, and the second one even published his music for free.

Look, or the better hear what the Linux is good for, Ouistiti are here.

New stuff

Nothing Else Matters

nothing-else-mattersI know you’ll love it as i do. Nothing else matters, is just grate.
All people I know but one weird girl love that song from unknown band Metallica. This time it was in Vienna and you can only guess, but be sure you won’t get the slight idea how this song can sound in this case. So imagine as my friend says everyday billion-times when she introduces the catacombs under the Naples So imagine small room, bunch of Austrians drinking a beer and wine as well, watching the landscape on the picture of say 8 feet’s wide. Infront of the picture sits a oldy with two neck guitar and say classic blond woman in her fort… ok the age doesn’t matter…nothing else matters man, just listen you won’t miss it.

New stuff

Happy Jacks

jackjackJack we call it here, is the most known audio-cable-tailpiece for most of us who has something to do with “music”.
Even when you want to make a good noise you have to have a good schielded cable which doesn’t add unwanted noise into the whole process ;]

Once upon a time in the deep woods of even deeper cannibalistic Slovak republic where they eat Americans just for pleasure, couple overeaten Slovaks together with even worst Czechs accidentally joined two “male” jacks. The whole audio system stacked on the beginning, then start to produce a hum, around 50Hz, that’s the frequency we in forgotten east have in our sockets. And what you think has happened?

As they where fully eaten up and happy they start to dance on that beat. Some of them in their deliriums where lucky and joined other Jacks this time in to female audio sockets and it all starts to produce grate quivers and trembles and so here is the result. A new song in our playlist. Here they are JACKJACK, that’s how they call them selfs since then.