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Mike Diva

These guys deserves some applause. Mike with his group are first people whom I would like to listen during the otherwise super boring Xmas.. luckily is still June.
Check out his/their work on Utube channel.

New stuff

simply new

Jauf is there with knife, The beat is broken as well, and the star is growing older. All those news on the Monkey on the orb. Not to forget an improvisation of the improvisation, couple drum beats are included as well.

New stuff

Data Live

The world full of bits nothing as a one. Where the Lao Tzu singularity got lost? Is there a chance to feel bit of romance in such a world?

Data life a Frankenstein collecting bones and flesh of the silicon domain transmuting it in to a lively spiral. This eager pursuing has as a result a honey pot of all sweetest filters you might think of. No single bit has a pike, all like caramel on the hot ice cream stretches. I’m not saying it in a negative way, thought even that might not be excluded. Take a swim through the honey pool.

New EP is free to be downloaded from Data Live‘s site.


New stuff

Tě vé

Whata fany gaj, whata fany grl?
When I heard the recording I though it’s a recording of someone else. This is nothing against them, it’s just a sigh on the current scene and my bushed mind. Does it matter who plays what, when all sounds “the same”?
Again it has “nothing” to do with their musig, I found it pleasurable actually….is the pleasure the golden pot they look for in Brno? Do they ride on the heart wave? Are we over-conceptualized? Take the bite of the south-east fruit, it’s the sweetest anyway.


New stuff

Vrcení a rachoceni

Korea. 21 century. Touch screens all over and the hobby motors are still IN.

Second contribution from the progressive gallery Skolska 28 is here.
Ryu Hankil is a sound artist who enjoys to develop a single idea way behind it’s borders. It reminds “us”(as we spoke about it with Erik) the Asian style of minimal stroke in one particular filed alike the progress in ceramic. They take one thing seriously from the beginning till the final breath. This way the are able to develop tiny, mini, pidi improvements who all in common make the final piece of art.
Sounds over poetic then it actually is (I think) but that’s our feeling regardless what I think of the importance of such music in our global contemporary “Hobby art age”.


New stuff


First from the small series of sound bits from gallery Skolska 28 begins with the KRK recording.
Two easy going people George Cremaschi & Matthew Ostrowski played their Live show. One on bass and cables whilst the other on the cables and the air.
Although Matthew checks his brain at the door and George feels bit slower then computer they found a way how to communicate and so the music sounds….Is the key the mixer they use? Hmm, I forgot to check the brand ;)
Here are the bits. Open them in *.txt editor, or image processing program, or any program you like. As a first step try this embedded player.


If that doesn’t feeds you enough, you might like this video.

New stuff

Italian commons

Once upon a time about the fortune year 2009 the south of the land of boot shape I took a handy and  switched on the button.

I sacrificed my self all for you my friends. Italian aboriginal music is here.


New stuff

Ötödik kolónus

Check out these sexy slavic chicks singing their Anthem. ..Wonder if you find any inconsistency ;)