Sometimes even imagery can be imaginative

Real Jesux

This guy is the real synth Jesux. Many people try to show of with their new syhths, but Jesux. He really shows how these boxes can shape the waves to what ever needs.

A distortion

Yep distortion is grate


Next from the synth gook series, truly a gold piece.

Tune up to sound diggers

I thought about this couple years already….

I just love what people do with their boxes, I can watch the knobs rotationg from site to side for hours. So I have decided put the best pieces in the row, in the playlist :) Starting Now!

Bit of the Czech scene

The history is going in the circle over and over again.

Once you go left, then right, then left then right, this time left.
I’m not saying left is wrong way, but this time DPRDL PDČ again FCK KSČ.


Kyklos Galaktikos: “Axis of the good”

Another bunch of weirdos, The Kyklos Galaktikos. This group is a theatre-gallery based group who spend most of their time under the stage light or radiated by latest and biggest apple monitors. Personally I like the first song the most (for now). It is made out of famous serial “Navštěvníci”. The intro of that serial I just a perfect personification of the future. And so Kyklos Galaktikos has the futuristic message.

Those who wanna know more about this group check their site, it is full of interesting stuff, mainly the stuff from their performances….meanwhile, listen to our online stream the Axis of good is running through its veins.

… One thing I have to pointed out, is that I do not like how the sound like if they just fall of the ROXOR ass.

01.kyklos galaktikos 2011


The time is hard. The whole Internet is going to strike against half educated individuals who think the technology can overcome technology..what a fairytale.
Dreams of the freedom we dream is in danger. The Dreamkiller has rissen out of White house http://monkeyontheorb.orb/wp-content/uploads/HEAD_IN_BODY-Dreamkiller.mp3