Terrific selection

I was like..”This is great, what is it.. This is great what..”
I should check each of them throughly ..

Take this

Sure we all know “Take five”, but this Dave Brubeck’s live performance sound way beyond his time signature speaking of all of them four.

Delved in the moment

..runs like a thick glaze down the bisquit, colourful and prolific

Time has changed

In every while, in every moment.
If not we would be still infants hold on to the dildo forever.

The “noise music” is gone for quite a while, in a fact I can’t stand it for years already.
Almost all the electronic music sound boring to me, not that the chasing electrons has anything to do with musical quality but many people who do the electronic music love it for its robotic pace and soul, which kinda lacks The soul for me. More specifically electronic musicians know a lot about electronics but have a huge gap in melody and harmony understanding, such profound grail the western culture developed so far – that only few can step beyond of what has been done already and even less can tell the difference between these two.
The melody has been replaced back with the elementary rhythms with zero tonal quality. People rather listen to car noises and call it music than educate them selves and train their ear and tease their lazy brain.
This will be one day all replaced by AI clever strategies but for now.. my level is set to this..

My playlist of  the Jazz genre.

Cory who? Henry.

Just a lot of fun. The whole performance musical and/or narrative.


If there is anything or anybody to read nowadays .. and there are many indeed .. one of them surely is Ethan Iverson.
His deep cuts into Jazz and Classical music hurts a lot.
Reading his essays always reminds me how less I know, and how much there is to learn.

Sparkling trumpet

Lively sparkling always highly pitches with freaking speed cadence, worship Mr. Donny McCaslin, don’t forget to mark Guiliana on Drums!


This gonna be after The Bad + another contemporary jazz records of these days. Kendrick Scott Oracle sounds jazzt soo sweet.
Sure it’s hard to compare Kendrick with Dave King. Dave with his frenetics and electrifying style is a totally different animal but Kendrick on the other hand brings delicate details that really tastes like contemporary cake. His playful use of electronics in drumming or alternative drum setups makes me stand out of chair in wonder.. “this is not possible” and sure it is not, but with a drum setup he has, it is. I also like the way how the albums are mixed. You feel it is about drums but without pressure, I like that delicacy.
I’m happy to have them in city soon.

Couple weeks later:
Man! It was so delicious!