L’ocelle Mare

Finally, the video from the L’ocelle Mare project by Thomas Bonvalet is online!
Check it out, it’s nicely done, on Artycok.tv.


Culture killer

The “KulturnĂ­ pecka” free-mag published an interview about the our moo-cow festival and even more.
They put the direct link on our stream on their website! Cool right?

Give them stroke, it’s free and to be found in the streets of Prague.

moo-cow – videoreport


Up and running

What else to say. The streaming server is ready.


Server brake

Don’t panic1

The streaming server will by down for another say 2 or 4 days. Nothing serious.


ne I – a new album again

Again, ne I, how boring. Couldn’t they come with something else then new album every weekend? Who the hell is capable to listen it all?


It’s twentyten, nearly eleven whereas this SELFBONDAGE was done almost  two years ago. Can you imagine how deep the ropes are now after that years? Right. Deep in flesh.
Although I do not eat animals and all that things you usually see running before someone decide to knock it down, this kinda flesh is OK. Once it’s yours, then do what ever you like. Put it in the plastic bag, cut it as a ham, whatever.
If I obliged to describe what is this SELFBONDAGE about I would say it’s close to metal, sort of, with bits of self destruction, reminding of conceptual activism with social roots. It’s selfish, not looking at what others say, although this issue is always present no matter how you would like to get rid off it.

SELFBONDAGE, It’s personal, done for the pleasure of others.
(Get it on KLaNGundKRaCH)

..my sister is pregnant

Dark vibration,
your lappet loosing the rhythm.
Better get drunk or you won’t survive.
A couple, long Japanese horror like hair concealing every scurf of long face, half gravid men and woman kneeling in the metal cache.
The oil lamp giving enough light to see nothing.