Pamelia Kurstin – Theremin workshop

Sci-fi, horror movies or Beach boys, what they’ll be without Theremin?
Theremin is a first synthesizer ever, built by a Russian inventor Leon guess who… Theremin . Thou first synthesizer there is nothing of that kind since now. Almost 100 years pass and the Theremin is still unique rare instrument.

I’m a Theremin lover, just like many others bewitched by its simplicity that makes the instrument so hard to be played in the western scale, but impressively creative in many other ways. There are only few people in the world who are able to master Theremin. Luckily one of them lives nearby Prague, in Vienna. Pamelia Kurstin is one of the best Theremin player in the whole rounded world. She is able masters it in the orchestral heights and still open minded to play noise gigs of any sort. She is actually virtuous noizer :)

Thanks to many circumstances she’ll have a week long Theremin workshop where she will teach Theremin. Workshop is worthy for absolute beginners as well as absolute mad virtuosos who would like to be the best Theremin players of all.

on Shakuhachi festival of Japanese ad contemporary music
23-27. August 2013, Prague

official website: http://theremin.komuso.cz/
facebook fresh page: https://www.facebook.com/

Tune up to sound diggers

I thought about this couple years already….

I just love what people do with their boxes, I can watch the knobs rotationg from site to side for hours. So I have decided put the best pieces in the row, in the playlist :) Starting Now!


Setmake se #7, #8

This is rather quick invitation with small add in the form of the in field record from the Setkamese #7 Dance-Music  Improvisation in Prague.

Here is a record of the first performace out of 4 “solos”

29.5.2012 – 20:15
1 session (music / dance): 2046, Víťa Halška / Einat Ganz

If you want to see the next live show…you should be quick!
It is today, 8PM, studio KREUS, Pernerova 412/6, Prague 8 – Karlín


Floex – Zorya

Hello my cute friends.
One of our friends Floex has posted free single from his new long time hoped album named Zorya.
First I thought it’ll be different this time but not, this all Floex again, you can’t be wrong when you hear it.
Those who likes melancholic tones slowly graduating in to the hearth braking tempo will be more then satisfied.

It’s funny how long such a music can take when you take it seriously as Floex does, but finally what differs the masterpiece from the average is the enormoust time investment when you felt couple years back is done already.
I wish I would be that rock-ribbed as him to be able to focus on music as he does.

I wont post the music here go to his website and download it from there….if you won’t find it there don’t wary it circulates on the stream already.


Chapel Liběchov

Huh, it has been a year already since we’ve noisied in the cow house on the moo-cow fest and so it’s right time to make something next.

This time 19-22. August this summer will introduce you few heavy technicist right in the house of the God in the Chapel Liběchov.
Although most of the info you can get is on the “home site” you probably don’t get the point since it is only in Czech and with text like images so any robot cannot read it…it’s like captcha, prove you are a human from Czech republic…anyway, here I’m writing about it in English so also people who have no glue what those pixles means.

Aside of the whole crazy loaded schedule of workshops and performances and who knows what there will be couple musicians finding a way how to resonate with God.

Obviously there will be ne I palyin, MARTIN JANÍČEK & PETR FERENC playin, Wolf translucent Playin, Gustar nosing & Cabowitz heavily hitting you ear membranes…aaand because my memory is getting sh.. I forgot to mention THE STAR Opuka will be playin too.

You can miss it… right, one more thing, take the sleeping bags and tents with you, they’ll be handy.


I haven§t even noticed

The server is ready to be loaded YO.



I’m sorry, the server is sick, so the stream is off.
I let you know when it’ll be ready again.


Live broadcast – Prague sound performance

Gallery Skolska is having another guest, this time Marold Langer Philippsen who is streaming guru here in the central Europe, and all over.
He, plus his workshop attendants will start their live streaming on http://radioerevan.net/ about 2PM of central European time (GMT +2), Saturday 30.4.2011.
If you happen to be in Prague near the “Mlýnská kavárna” at Kampa drop in to see them in real live.