Remote operator is back

The famous Shirley&Spinoza had some brake.. but it’s back!


The Newsounds . org

Might seems weird to advertise “another” “radio”, but its all about the sound right?
The newsounds.org is my favorite radio now, it features classical music hit by electronics. It’s definitely worth to tune for several days.. there are lot of repeating shows which is bit itchy otherwise I love it.


Massive collection of recordings on-line

What an awesome colletion of recordings..


Beats Unraveled

SoOOoo damn good!


CZ/SK Mix vol. II by Jara Tarnovski

Nice cut thru the Czechoslovakian contemporary sound experi-bands,
Listen to the deep awesomeness of the non-melodical mostly psycho sound collages.


Matmos – The Marriage of True Minds

“The Marriage of True Minds” the right pace in to the future of sound..

This album is a perfect marriage of mind. The rhythm calmness and simplicity beautified by wide palette of sounds evolving with each rhythm is to my brain just like the pizza I have been lately in Paris. Small, obvious pizza like so many pizzas all around so you would not expect nothing uncommon from such wide spread food. Though I’m not pizza fun the girls there make pizza tasting like a nectar out Oz land.
Same thing can be told about the Matmos last album.. obvious sounds, even noisy recordings but all in such matched harmony.. such a tasty thing, I would love to eat it!


KLaNGundKRaCH news

It is hard to say anything about the KLaNGundKRaCH once I can type here only.
The core truth s that KLaNGundKRaCH is beating hard all the Prague and other spaces whee you can scream out of your gut without restraint until the sun pins its first rays through the window hole.
 new tapes by
MOONCUP ACCIDENT – Litany of Hole http://bloodintheboat.bandcamp.com/album/litany-of-hole
RUiNU/KLAPPER – split (launch on 7th)
PATRIK PELIKAN – Drift https://soundcloud.com/klangundkrach/patrik-pelikan-drift-side-a-1
NO PAVAROTTI/KK Kollektiv – split http://nopavarotti.bandcamp.com/album/sea-cow-blues-one-legged-fun
back in stock
NONHROSE – Heliocentric Worlds http://www.discogs.com/Nonhorse-Heliocentric-Worlds/release/3834496

Pamelia Kurstin – Theremin workshop

Sci-fi, horror movies or Beach boys, what they’ll be without Theremin?
Theremin is a first synthesizer ever, built by a Russian inventor Leon guess who… Theremin . Thou first synthesizer there is nothing of that kind since now. Almost 100 years pass and the Theremin is still unique rare instrument.

I’m a Theremin lover, just like many others bewitched by its simplicity that makes the instrument so hard to be played in the western scale, but impressively creative in many other ways. There are only few people in the world who are able to master Theremin. Luckily one of them lives nearby Prague, in Vienna. Pamelia Kurstin is one of the best Theremin player in the whole rounded world. She is able masters it in the orchestral heights and still open minded to play noise gigs of any sort. She is actually virtuous noizer :)

Thanks to many circumstances she’ll have a week long Theremin workshop where she will teach Theremin. Workshop is worthy for absolute beginners as well as absolute mad virtuosos who would like to be the best Theremin players of all.

on Shakuhachi festival of Japanese ad contemporary music
23-27. August 2013, Prague

official website: http://theremin.komuso.cz/
facebook fresh page: https://www.facebook.com/