Reverend Dick

Reverend Dick (unconfirmed)Pamelia won’t come, but that doesn’t kill the moo-cow at all.
Next band I would like to introduce is “Reverend Dick“. Reverend grown up from the deep Brakecore roots. Those oak roots guaranteeing solid rhythm base, as solid as silicon chip. The surfaces is then sweet and melodic, with echo stream compacting the whole structure in one.

Once you hear this Sermon, you start to believe!


That’s the way how it goes

I wont cry here, although this is not sensational message.
Pamelia Kurstin won’t come. Not that she do not want to, but she is heaving a busy time. Traveling fro and back awaiting a monkey and all that thinks along.

If like it wasn’t enough, also Cil won’t come to play. She has also something to do, not awaiting monkey though but also something important.

I takes me a time not to feel sorry for it, but that’s the way how it goes.



ASIOASIO is not that young but fresh Czecho-Slovak couple, or triple? .. don’t know if I ought to count the drummer? Hmm, anyway. It’s funny how their music has the taste of raw improvisation although it is all highly rehearsed.

Seems like that Guitar represents for us sort of personification of old classical style. ..How obscure we do not have a new words for the upcoming meanings.
We live in the 21 century, communicate with speed of light, have built never existing things before and still address things by the old established meanings, like classical :) or else if there is no other way around, then we say old :D. None of it actually describes what we deem.
I guess there is the only way how to get the point, and that’s the real experience. Where else then countlessly mentioned moo-cow.


Bára & Matyáš

Bara and MatyasAlthough each of them are active as a units, on moo-cow will be the day D.
Bára & Matyáš will finally put their vocal chords and sequencers together and play as a one singular artillery. They’ll show us how we might sound if we do not hide behind the noisers and all that buzz making boxes. As they said, “We are not going to improvise, we wanna make regular songs!“. So my dear, this will be a unique chance to listen THE Music!



Here is a bit about the visual content on upcoming moo-cow. Tomík, AKA Vavrt AKA Valderon a grate model(from my point of view) is becoming to be sort of standard on such a shows. I even saw him meaning his work on Lunchmeet an intermulticulturalmedia festival. This model is into lines, curves, tipped planes and such. I still don’t feel like I understand what is he doing, but that’s not important, you definitely will. I’m just bit afraid and at the same time fond of the situation when the virtual lines will mix up with the real slopes and we will be banging our heads against the real representation of theirs. Who cares, pity every missed hit ;)



MIKI-DISCJOCKEYMiki a night bird. Flying through city atmosphere passing lights with eye half closed, so you see the light gloving with small sparkles that flows down on a surface of your eyeball. The osteoplastic metal warmed up on the equal temperature as your lips are, cooled by the light blows of from the open car window. A flashback of your past childhood times where everything was covered by the second-hand-bazzar colors from the AKA London sale-outs, with workers all in blue starting to wear orange helmet by the European upcoming rules.

Remember the music of that days? Do you like what you did like now as you did before? Hate 90’s or the worst 80’s?
No matter what the answer is Miki likes it. And will remind us this parent music, colored by the reflective spray colors circling clockwise on two decks caring vinyl caps. Where? On moo-cow, indeed.

Transport puzzle

Transport puzzle is a single man romantically-minimalistic project of a guy from Slovakia. It reminds me Keith Rowe sound a bit with a glimpse of the Berline romantisch accent. If you are tired and haven’t have a coffee lately it could be a grate hypnotic.

Like what he does? Want to try out if it fits with your stuff? Go ahead, he is ready to JAM :).

What’s even better, is that you can find his music also on our stream. But that’s like a Russian roulette with chance 3:thousands. Will see if you’ll shot the right bullet. If not, don’t wary, there are plenty of them which blows your head up easily.



rafani - hidden as always

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